Soulbound Dice

My next sale will be held on Sunday 1/31 at 5:00pm CST. Until then, check out the dice archive to view my past work.

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 Hi and welcome to my dice workshop💜 If you're new here, I would suggest starting off by reading my FAQ page where you can find the answers to all of your diciest questions. A preview of what will be included in my next shop update can be found here.

Cursed Souls

"So beautiful! High quality dice, feels like something magical! Thank you so much!!! A+" -Philip Mason

Custom Floral Dice

"Stunning! Velouria made these out of flowers my son picked for me. So sweet! I’ll cherish these forever and the artistry and craftsmanship is unmatched!" -Lyds Mo

Bittersweet Nightshade

"Honestly I don’t think I’ll ever get over how perfect these are. Velouria’s craftsmanship is far and away the most amazing work I’ve ever seen. She took on this custom order knowing the materials used are fairly poisonous and delivered a set more professionally finished than the majority of the factory produced sets I’ve owned. The finish is glossy, all sides are numbered, no missing sides from the mould, and the ink in both quality and execution is so professional." -Elisabeth Pontoski