Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy your dice?
There are a few different ways to get ahold of my dice:

  • Regular shop updates - they occur here on my website. I try to do these monthly and announce them around a week or so in advance.
  • Custom orders - my custom orders are full at the moment, but when they open back up I will announce it on my social media.
  • Auctions - occasionally I do auctions of my more one-of-a kind sets on the Facebook group Goblin Dice Hoard Acquisitions.

Next Shop Restock
Saturday 1/25 at 2:00pm Central Standard Time

Are your dice balanced?
The balance of my dice depends on their design. Most (if not all) are balanced enough for casual play. I do roll test them to ensure this. My more complicated designs which include lots of non-resin materials (such as flowers, clay, plants etc.) may be less balanced due to the differing weights of the included materials.  

What are your dice made of?

Are the flowers in your dice real or fake?
The flowers and plants included in my dice are 100% real unless otherwise stated.

Where do you get your molds/can I buy your molds?
I make my molds myself with custom master dice I had 3D printed. I do not sell my molds since they are my personal design. If you're looking for master dice of your own, I would recommend The Blue Mimic.

How can I make my own dice?
Tutorials are something I would like to get into, but don't have the time currently. If you'd like to learn for yourself, I would recommend joining the Facebook group Dice Making Discoveries to get started.

What is your current pricing?
Pricing varies per set depending on material costs and quality level, but current pricing averages around $120 for a full set and $35 for a D20.

How much is shipping?
I ship via USPS First-Class Mail. I do ship internationally. Here are my current rates:

  • United States: $5
  • Canada and Mexico: $15
  • International: $20

What is your return & exchange policy?
Since this is a small handmade shop, I am not able to accept returns or refunds. If your package arrives damaged, is lost, or if you are unhappy with your dice, please do reach out to me and we can determine the best course of action.